Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Our Sustainable Holiday Trip

Let’s collaborate
A- Groupwork
Students make groups of 3
Choose a reporter to share their work in the group forum
Classify the words and expressions in the word cloud into the mind map they created following the model below.

Instructions to be followed:

1- Log in to: https://coggle.it/
2- Create a mind map
3- Invite your classmates to collaborate on the mind map
4- Invite your teatcher in your mind map
5- Classify the words and expressions in the wordcloud into the mind map.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Promoting Students 21st Century Skills Through Project Work

        "The world is changing rapidly and we continue to prepare our students for the future with the 

tools of the past. And though we all agree that education aims to prepare young people to become 

active citizens in a changing society (UNESCO 2011),  our schools are still evolving at a slow pace 

that is modelled on a system moulded by industrial revolution (Sir Ken Robinson, 2010). Our 

students, citizens of the information society, feel alienated at school. They are surrounded more 

than ever by stimuli such as smartphones, tablets, computers, the Internet, etc. that are either 

shunned by their schools or - when allowed - they are not used adequately. This partly explains the 

high rates of school failure or lack of motivation of students. 

       In order to meet these challenges, educators, and education science experts will need to 

improve their methods so as to ensure that the learning experience meets the expectations of a 

native digital student (Digital native, Digital Immigrant, M .Prensky, 2001) and develops his/her 

skills in the 21st century..."

Magazine cover

    It is with a great gratitude to the editors Mrs Lama Atoui and Mrs Kamilia Dhifallah 

Zorgati  that I announce the publication of my first article Promoting students' 21 st 

century skills through project work in the first  issue 2017-2018 of  Teaching Differently. 

Continue reading my article and other articles  online  here

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Tunisian Tales

A Collection of Tunisian Tales

     The collection of tales was told by students' grandmas, grandpas,  and parents of the students from Hammam-Lif Pionner School, Nabheni High School.