Monday, 31 August 2015

Starting a Lesson Differently Makes all the Difference!

       To me the beginning is what hooks students and engages them in a lesson! So I always try to find an engaging activity for  a good start. Piquing students curiosity at the start of a lesson with a picture, realia, music, or a thought provoking question relates them to the lesson, making them predict the topic, the content, targeted vocabulary or the characters involved in a story.This process stimulates their neurons according to a  study  from the University of Virginia, published in October 2014, it arouses their intrinsic motivation for an enjoyable learning experience.

     This is lesson 9 from the first Form English Course Book (intermediate).

             Lesson9 from Hayfa Mejdoub

      The hook in the lesson is the suspence atmosphere sparked by the soundtrack at the beginning. It engages hearing and feelings for immersion, motivation, and therefore results in a better retention. Click to listen to the audio. You'll find an explanation on how I used it in the detailed  lesson plan below.

     The following slides are my adaptation of the lesson. Using differentiation, storytelling, kinesthetic learning to respond to my students'different learning  styles.


              Your feedback on how I could improve this lesson is appreciated. ;)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Cycle 6 of the 30 Goals Challenge: Inspire Forward!

Introduce us to your School... and Sway with me!

Proposing the goal for the #30goalsEdu was in itself a challenge. And now I'm achieving the second one by writing this post about my school and I'm eager to know about yours. I love challenges and this one in particular because I proposed it.

My Sway

My Flipping School Brochure

It includes the school's goals, motto and mission. I created this brochure using Gimp an open source software, and included some coding for the flipping effect!