This video is a tutorial I made for one of my pupils about how to write and publish a post in their blogs . The video was shared in the class facebook group.

This video is a tutorial made to teach students about how  to publish their podcasts online using Podomatic.

This one I made to celebrate the session before the last of our tech age teachers training. It was a special session with emotions and plenty of activities testifying of the TATers progress all along the first phase.  

Using awsome Powtoon for flipped instruction. Original and motivating way of assigning one's students tasks.

   Testing my newly learnt skills of making gifs. Awsome to make anime characters. Choosing the character , then saving the pictures to customise with gimp as gifs. The following step is to animate the gifs in the order you want. You can make a cartoon with characters moving mouth and body to be expressive and speak, sing or dance. Here is an example.


  1. Great Hayfa !!! It's a good start ! Wishing you all the best dear <3 Keep shining :)

  2. Thanks dear Fattoun, I appreciate your encouragements to me. You're my teacher ;)