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During a training in British council Tunisia
 English Hour radio programme@ RTCI

I'm Hayfa Majdoub, an English language teacher, and a technician in ICT integration in Education, innovative and creative educator. I was selected to take part in the Tech Age Teachers program 2014, that I successfully completed. I teach secondary school students aged from 15 to 18 years. I like my job,  eventhough it is tiring. I have been teaching since 2005, all in public schools. I'm a lifelong learner,  dedicated to my professional development and putting in practice what I learn, adjusting it to my classes' social and cultural background. I like exploring Web 2.0 tools and  integrating technology in my teaching. I spend my free time surfing the net looking for ELT articles, blogs, and CPD videos. I don't miss an opportunity for a training whether online (Moocs, webinars, online conferences...) or face to  face. I participated in the RSECON5 and Tunisia TESOL Second International Conference as a speaker. I also participated in the Forum of Innovative Educators organized in Tunisia in partnership with Microsoft and Youth for Science Foundation (Y.S.F.) with a project  that was classified in the Top 5 projects and got the prize of Innovative Pedagogy awarded by (Y.S.F.).  In 2015, I mentored an English tech Club, the N.H.S. Club 2.0 to cascade some of the tech skills I acquired during the tech age teachers program to my students and at the same time to develop their English language skills.

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  1. G'day Haya, Thanks for offering to be a mentor in the student blogging challenge. I have allocated some students to you in the 15 year old range. You will find links to their blogs by scrolling down the spreadsheet on this link. http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/students-sept-2013/