Monday, 1 April 2013

One of my Student's Intresting Posts That I Wanted to Share With You

So , this is an image that i’ve found recently on the internet , i don’t know why i really felt that it could be an amazing image to write about .
And obviously i was right ..
Looking at this two persons , i can see a remarkable pain and sorrow !
This young man sitting at a step in what it seems to be a train station is apparently crying and devestating with his  head between his hands , the young woman seems to be comforting him by putting her hand on his shoulder .. But as we can see ,  the lady is almost invisible which means GHOST ..
So what happened , is that his young man lost his wife or his loved girlfriend and can’t just forget her and move on .
She is right there , but he can’t see her . She is consoling him , she is touching him , she can sense him but he can’t ..
she knows how much he’s suffering , she knows he couldn’t forget her .. she desperately trying to communicate with him but everybody knows it’s not possible ; she’s gone ! forever .
Losing a loved one, is the most painful thing that could ever  happen to any of us .. Destiny chooses .. It’s not up to us to decide when or where to die ..
We live under the fear of loss ! We live knowing that in every moment we could lose anyone .
A friend once told me that losing a loved one , can change us or even transform us . We pass from a happy life full of joy and perfection to a sad one full of sorrow and grief .. and without our knowing , we stard looking for answers or a way to forget . We’ll eventually realize that the real answer is to move on .. because we all know that if that person is here looking at us, she’d never  want to see us suffering like we do now.

For all those who had lost a dear persons , life goes on .. Remember that if they’re watching you , they’ll want you to smile not to cry . Remember that you can get stronger while thinking of them ..
They’re somewhere here , in u’r heart , in u’r thoughts , in u’r imagination , in u’r past ..
They are never lost ..

P.S : if u’d like to share u’r story with us , i’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you .. Just feel free to comment

The previous is my student's post on her blog . Actually a number of my students are taking part in the student blogging challenge It seems that, now, we've got a chance to win, they are doing well in the challenge. I must acknowledge that neither I, nor them believed in achieving what is actually done.
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