Thursday, 16 May 2013

The More we are Open, the Closer we are, the Smaller our World is!

   After week two exploring the idea of "Connected Learning in Practice" projects, part of Teach the web week 3, came my experience with the Open Web collaboration project with jointly, Kevin Hodgson,Chad Sensing, Margaret Powers and me. Our project consisted in finding (a) collaborator(s), planning the project and making what was planned.
  Actually, the most difficult part of the project to me was finding a collaborator. It's not easy to find partners with the same intrests, besides, working with people who have more  experience than you have isn't certainly an easy mission!
    Our project consisted in creating a comic strip via
Our webcomic "Hack The Web" was a good and enriching experience to me.

                                                      Our webcomic "Hack The Web"

    Actually it's not the first time that I participate in a MOOC. I previously, had an experience with the EVO Podcasting for the ESL-EFL Classroom, and we achieved projects, we learned how to make podcasts, edit and share on the web. However, I had missed the part in which we collaborate, I mean collaboration between participants not between mentors. Therefore, my participation in week3 teach the web project makes it a first one in open collaboration. I mainly thank Kevin Hodgson who made it possible for me to join in his project and for his patience, he answered our questions promptly.

      Our project received positive feedback from other participants and mentors- so far- and that's another facet of the open web, when what you do is valued and praised, it boosts you to dig deep into your abilities and challenge your potentiel to go a step further.
I'll hack the web till my next post....

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