Thursday, 3 April 2014

Interview with Rustom Mody

Rustom talks about the British Council's use of radio as a channel for supporting teacher development across India, with it's Teaching English Radio series.
The British council is supporting English teachers all around the globe with projects for professional development. And it's doing the same in my country ,Tunisia. Last year, I had the chance to be a guest with a bunch of other teachers in one of the radio series "Using group work in large classes".
 I found this statement of Mody very interesting: "Training is only one side of professional development, and training alone is not enough to change attitudes, to change classroom practice, and to change the way the children learn in the classrooms..." I agree with Rustom Mody because teachers need support, a sense of belonging to a professional community.
 One of the projects Mody mentioned in his talk was m-learning as part of professional development... just a couple of minutes films and there you go! CPD adapted to modern times and to the hectic life teachers are leading.

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