Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Prince Charming


I love this song as it reminds of my childhood secret lover... How he used to be  close to me without declaring his love or without me declaring my love to him. The first time I heard the song, it stirred childhood memories; memories of the time I was innocent just acting without reflecting on consequences. Doing things as they come, without premeditation and that's what makes the difference between who we are and what we used to be when we were kids... we used to spend unique and exciting moments playing and walking. I was only a child and I assumed the role of a guide when he came with his mom to visit us. I would take him downtown, show him places, shops and we would tell each other stories, he would teach me tricks and games ...  I don' t remember that, but my aunt told me that we were lost in town more than once and how they spent hours looking for us. I was impressed by him. In short, he was the 'Prince Charming' for me ... But I was neither his Snow white, nor Cinderella, nor any other princess for him... And it took me some time to realize that!

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