Monday, 21 July 2014

Change ... And the Journey Begins


    I'm proud to be one of the 200 quarter finalist educators, selected from a total of 2000 applicants to integrate the TAT, The Tech Age Teachers program. This Project is the first of its kind in the MENA region that IREX , in partnership with the Dream Blue Foundation , initiated ''to bring the successful Tech Age Teachers model to Tunisia'' (quoted from  News article delivered January 28, 2014 on the IREX site).
what the press in Tunisia says about the project

This stage of the program will enable half of the  selected number of  participants to access the semi-finals by August 29th, 2014, after a total training of 8 hours/week over 5 weeks, at the end of which we will, hopefully, get to the next stage of the program. But how we get to the next stage is the question.

            Well,   the process was clearly stated for transparency and equity for all the participants... During the first stage of the training we will be evaluated according to our keyboarding scores. Keyboarding is a skill that many teachers do not give importance to. At the beginning of the 1st stage participants will evaluate their keyboarding speed and work to make it better, and by the end of the training they will be able to measure their progress via a software that enables users to measure keyboarding speed scores.  Attendance, and punctuality is another requirement to get to the next stage. Presence is checked via a software, you log in and you are saved, you are absent and you lose 2 points of the session attendance score. But what if you come late? As the saying goes "Time is money", in the program, time is money. Being late from 1 to 5 minutes costs you 1 dinar, and you keep paying one dinar for each 5 minutes of delay. That is one of the rules to respect... Let's get back to the criteria of evaluation, another one is doing homework assignments and sending them to the server in due time, adds to participants 2 points to their score. More important is the motivation,to make a difference in all what you do you need to be motivated, that's why it's among the evaluation grid, TAT participants/ finalists need to inspire their students and other educators and lead the march towards  change.

I'll post more about the coming training sessions soon, stay tuned!


  1. How important it can be to take a hard look at what we’re doing well and what we can do better.
    That is why we must cooperate and work together. We need to focus on the project's success in our country.
    Because of our focus and enthusiasm, we will probably do some of our best work with this group.

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    2. Hi Kaouther, let me congratulate you first for what you're doing with your students in your school. keep your enthusiasm and hard work and you'll see the fruit of what you grew!
      I totally agree with you about working hard for the success of the project but hard work along with other skills just as you mentioned is the thing that will lead to it's success. What we know compared to what we will learn is nothing, and we keep learning as long as we live, that's what matters I think ;)