Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Revemped Vocabulary Lesson

A Vocabulary Lesson Plan Time: 2 hours

Modality: online

By the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
    - use paper or electronic dictionaries to check pronunciation and meaning of new vocabulary
    - classify words into categories in a mindmap
    - build one’s own vocabulary
    - make a webquest
    - use web 2.0 tools (coggle, voicethread, Onenote) to collaborate online.
    - apply different learning strategies to different learning environments
    - work in groups
    - work in pairs
stunning, renowned, pottery, blown glassware, lace, crafts, appreciation courses, tastings, gastronomic wares, culinary, scuba diving, cliffs, creeks, bays, coastline, rustic, pastoral, remarkable, amazing, unique

Pre- stage:

Students focus on a wordcoud and guess the topic it relates to knowing that the theme treated being "Travelling and Holidaying".


Task 1 : Let’s collaborate

A- Groupwork

Students make groups of 3
Choose a reporter to share their work in the group forum
Classify the words and expressions in the word cloud into the mind map they created following the model .
Instructions to be followed:
    1- Log in to: https://coggle.it/
    2- Create a mind map
    3- Invite your classmates to collaborate on the mind map
    4- Invite me in your mind map
    5- Classify the words and expressions in the wordcloud into the mind map.

Every group share a link to their mind map into the forum

B- Feedback:

    1- Visit at least 2 mind maps of the other groups. Edit your own mind map if needed.
    2- Leave a comment on your classmates work in the forum

Task 2 : Let’s build your vocabulalry

3,2,1... GO!

    - Define 3 words that you choose from the wordcloud. Write the definitions in the Glossary in Onenote
    a- Use two of the words you've chosen into 2 sentences
    b- Share your sentences in an audio comment via Voicethread
    c- Challenge one of your classmates 1 (mentioning his/her name at the end of your audio comment in voicethread and inform him/her in the forum under the discussion thread.):
    • to use the 3rd word in a sentence
    • to share his/her sentence in a voicethread audio comment
The students who accept the challenge are awarded a digital badge

Task 3: Matching pictures with labels:

Post- stage:


    a- Students make a web search about Gozo, it's geographical location, the spoken language, landmarks, monuments, activities, arts and crafts, traditional dishes, etc...
    b- Make sure the students get ready to present their work in the next session


Quiz created by HAYFA MAJDOUB with GoConqr

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