Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cycle 6 of The 30 Goals Challenge: Inspire Forward!

Send Them on Learning Missions: #EduLs

One of the best lessons I conducted with my 2nd formers this year is The Importance of Libraries. Below is the text to be read by my students.

A badge for the best sketchnote for boys.
A badge for the best sketchnote for girls.

After trying out mindmapping with my classes, I decided to venture into a new experience . Sketchnoting...The aim was to get my students to think deeply about the importance of libraries, through transforming the ideas dealt with in the text into visual thinking.

That process promotes the students active processing of information since they engage in deep comprehension. This is not all... Students are confronted to critical thinking and problem solving situations that emerge from transcribing the linear text into a visual, conveying the expected meaning.

I asked the students to find about sketchnoting before coming to class. However, they were curious to know how we will use it in class. So after finishing with the reading and the related tasks came the time to sketchnoting. I used some 'example' sketchnotes to demistify the concept and what I expected them to do. The results are not bad for a first time sketchnoting!

Below are some of the students' sketchnotes.

Sketchnoting in the EFL Classroom on PhotoPeach

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