Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Goal 2: Be Someone's Champion

Be someone's Champion!

We all might have come across teachers whom we won't forget... whom we admire. The kind of teachers who have a positive impact on our life. But what if you come to know you're that kind of teacher. Believe me there's no better reward for a teacher when they know they are someone's champion!

I was over the moon when I read my students messages to me. Those messages boosted my ego as a teacher and to me they are the best recognition for the countless time and efforts we spend doing our job to enlignten our students'minds, to encourage and praise, to help them value their strengths and work on their weaknesses, to loosen the pressure the day of an exam with a joke or even a smile, to acknowledge a skill or a characteristic a student has, inspite of a low test score,to broaden their horizons, your reward being - unconciously- called mom by one of your students, being remembered as THE TEACHER who inspired them.

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